Dongsheng District National Fitness Activity Center is located in Tiexi, Dongsheng District, at the intersection of hoelun road and Minzu West Street. It is a comprehensive stadium with unique shape, ecological green, advanced facilities and complete functions. The total land area of the activity center is about 49.3 hectares. The main stadium covers an area of 63400 square meters, with a construction area of 100450 square meters and 40555 spectators. The three pavilions have a total construction area of 64000 square meters, including a comprehensive gymnasium (with a total construction area of 34000 square meters and a maximum audience capacity of 7400), a water sports center (not yet put into use) (with a total construction area of 24000 square meters and a audience capacity of 2290, equipped with swimming pools, warm-up pools and water parks) and a sports business center.
     The external shape of the activity center is novel and unique, with unique style. The giant arch on the top of the main stadium is the shape of an open bow, which shows the heroic and unrestrained character of Erdos people. The main stadium and the later comprehensive stadium and water sports center show the shapes of silver bowl and hada respectively, reflecting the warm and hospitable quality of Erdos people. The activity center skillfully integrates architectural engineering with the regional and ethnic characteristics of Ordos, and has achieved a magnificent landmark building.
      The main stadium of the activity center is equipped with an opening and closing dome system. After the dome structure is fully opened, it is 80 meters wide from east to west, 120 meters from north to south, and the opening and closing area is nearly 10000 square meters. With the advanced sound reinforcement and lighting system in the venue, it can achieve almost perfect acoustic and optical effects, and fully meet the all-weather events and commercial needs of the stadium. The plastic track and football field in the venue have passed the certification of IAAF and FIFA. The periphery of the venue is equipped with a standardized warm-up training field. The overall conditions and specifications can undertake influential large-scale events at home and abroad.
     The center has a sports ground, an athlete's functional area, an event management area, a venue operation area and two-story stands, as well as commercial houses and underground garages for commercial operation during and after the game. Venues can be operated flexibly and diversified. They can actively introduce sports events, carry out sports, and carry out a variety of large-scale activities such as business exhibitions, large-scale music concerts, shopping, fitness, leisure and entertainment, so as to maximize the benefits of operation and management.
Sponsor Unit:
China Chamber of International Commerce
Undertaking Units:
Inner Mongolia Council for the promotion of international trade
Ordos Municipal People’s Government
Co Organizer Units :
China Fashion Association
China Animal-products Marketing Association
China Wool Textile Association
Implementation Units:
Ordos Council for the promotion of international trade
Dongsheng District People’s Government
Operation Unit:
Yatai Oriental Exhibition (beijing) Co.,Ltd

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